Fellows Program

A Fellowship for Hawaii's Future Leaders

The Center for Tomorrow’s Leaders (CTL) Fellows Program is a year-long advanced leadership program to empower future state-level leaders for Hawaii, who are both world-class and local. Fellows cohorts are composed of 20 select high school juniors and seniors from both public and private schools, representing the diversity of Hawaii’s communities.

***The CTL Fellows program will be taking a sabbatical year - a year off - this upcoming school year (‘22 - ‘23). The CTL Fellows program will be back in the ‘23 - ‘24 school year, better than ever!***

Through CTL’s rigorous leadership curriculum based on The Leadership Challenge, access to Hawaii’s top corporate, community, and civic leaders, implementation of hands-on community projects addressing Hawaii’s most entrenched issues & more, the CTL Fellows Program trains young leaders to be:

  1. People of Character
  2. Strong Critical Thinkers
  3. Competent Leaders
  4. Caretakers of the Community
  5. Courageous Change-Makers

Meet the Fellows

Each year, 20 young leaders are selected into the CTL Fellows from local public and private high schools. Visit the directory to view current and past Fellows cohorts.

Island-Level Impact

Throughout the Fellows Program, Fellows design and implement projects that have island-level impact. Past projects topics have included sustainability, mental health, civic engagement, mentorship, police-community relations, and more. Through this project-based learning process, Fellows are empowered to put leadership lessons into practice and move the needle on some of Hawaii's most important issues.

Every year, through both our Fellows and Ambassadors Programs (link to Ambassadors) CTL is advising over 100 student-led projects to impact communities across the state.

Learn more about CTL Projects!

Around the Roundtable

Vision: "We are determined to secure the prosperity of our country and state by ensuring that all opinions are heard and the art of civic discussion is not lost."

This Fellows project aimed to create balanced conversations amongst Hawaii's next generation to encourage critical-thinking and combat political polarization.

Team Members:

  • Evan Gates (Kamehameha)
  • Chelbi Juan (Roosevelt)
  • Dani Sur (Maryknoll)
  • Justin Huang (Roosevelt)
  • Lydia Jun (Iolani)
  • Rovi Porter (Kalani)

Fahrenheit 73

Vision: "Inspiring student led change, one degree at a time.”

It's hard to maintain a drive for excellence when basic needs aren't being met. Fahrenheit73 aimed to address the intolerable temperatures, sometimes reaching over 100°F, plaguing classrooms across the state of Hawaii. Through a partnership with GreenPath Technologies and Hawaii 3Rs, the team raised over $20,000 to install a solar-powered AC unit at the state's then-hottest classroom at James Campbell High School. By creating cool, comfortable learning environments, students can get back to what matters most – bettering themselves and the community."

Team Members:

  • Eunica Escalante (Moanalua)
  • Noah Faurot (Kamehameha)
  • Kenneth Go (Damien)
  • Allie Saunders (Punahou)
  • Charissa Tan (Mid Pacific)

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The Canvas

Vision: “Our vision is to empower a generation who will take charge of their own learning, think critically, and be confident in their strengths."

“The Canvas was a student-run workspace in Kalihi. The Fellows team designed, fundraised for, and were the adminstration team so that The Canvas could be a motivational and stimulating safe-space for students to express their creativity, develop their critical thinking, get inspired, and pursue their passions. It hosted college talk story sessions, live concerts, poetry workshops, tutoring, movie nights, a puppy lounge and more!"