The Center for Tomorrow's Leaders aims to be Hawaii's go-to for insight on the thoughts and trends of the next generation. Check out our resource library for student and staff-generated content on next generation leadership for Hawaii's next chapter.

Student Projects

CTL uses a project-based learning curriculum to develop our young leaders. Each year, CTL advises over 100 legacy projects designed and implemented by students to tackle pressing needs in school and communities statewide.

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Raise Your Hand & Blog

"Raise Your Hand" is CTL’s exclusive partnership with the Star Advertiser to run a monthly student-column in the Sunday “Insights” section. 70 articles as of January 2022 and ongoing. Regular blog entries from CTL students & alumni also here.

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Check out CTL's original student & staff generated video content, including student legacy project pitches, videos from the classroom, special virtual lessons, alumni civics content and more!

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Other Resources

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