Sarah Lumauag

Pearl City High School

"I'm more open to talking to new people and trying new things, and going the extra mile...Now I'm more confident in myself so I feel like I can do more."

Rocky Huang

Roosevelt High School

"What I've learned in CTL is that leadership, it's a continual learning process, and that being a leader isn't always smooth sailing. There will definitely be ups and downs and challenges, but the most important is that we learn from those challenges and better ourselves from them."

Nicholas Martin

Pearl City High School

"Thanks to CTL, I've learned to step out of my comfort zone...I was able to join class council this year and I've been reselected to fill my role as co-chair for senior year! CTL has definitely improved my life. I went from being a small, emo looking boy who had zero social skills and could not talk to you if you were the only person left on earth. I've grown into a slightly bigger emo looking boy who is able to hold a conversation pretty well and is able to give presentations really nicely. Thank you, CTL!"

Cody Young

James Campbell High School

"One thing that I've taken away from this program was the 'Challenge the Process' lesson that we learned in class. 'Challenge the Process' taught me to be a leader. You don't have to be the guy that's in that same old process, that same old routine. You can be the innovator of your group....and it can practically help not only you, but help others and it will give you more insight of what needs to be done or what needs to happen."

Zi Jun Li

McKinley High School

"CTL is a class you're not going to get anywhere else, and opportunities like this don't come everyday."

Leilani Ly

McKinley High School

"CTL is not just some class you sit and take notes in; it's an opportunity to really take action and apply yourself as a leader in your school and community. Being in CTL has expanded my idea of leadership to a practice that's as imperative in everyday life as it is in a team setting, and it's pushed me to believe in my own ability to lead. I know now that I'm capable of making a difference in the world, because through CTL I already have."

Gayle Thompson

Academy Director, Waimea High School (Kaua'i)

"CTL's value is invaluable. The lessons and activities the students participate in allows them to have a voice and practice being effective, strong leaders."

Kia Naeole

Hoʻola Academy Director, Kapolei High School

"CTL allows students to look beyond themselves and challenges them to address problems in our community. I love how they can showcase their hard work to community members and get feedback."

Dean Snelling

Teacher, Kohala High School (Hawaii Island)

"CTL brought a sense of leadership to my students and helped them developed into stronger young adults."

Elton Kinoshita

Lana'i High & Elementary School

"First of all CTL's people are fantastic. Their reputation is A+. From Day 1, I think they’ve connected with our students. And they’ve been able to complement what we’ve been teaching in the classroom through their projects and also the leadership component."

Wes Shinkawa

Principal, Kapolei High School

"The work and support that CTL provides transforms lives and gives students a voice and opportunity to make an immediate impact as a leader. The impact of the projects with our students and school has been transformational."

Kat Muranaka

Teacher, Wai'anae High School

"I feel fortunate that an accidental meeting has developed into one of the most satisfying, rewarding professional partnerships of my almost 30 year career as an educator. During these challenging times, more students need the opportunity to have their hidden leadership potential nurtured and supported. CTL is a source of excellence in that process!"

Kelli Sunabe

McKinley High School

I was part of the first CTL class. I think CTL was a catalyst for me and my leadership growth. Prior to being part of CTL, I never saw myself as a leader. To really have the self-confidence to actually try and enact change and be part of things at the forefront - CTL built that in me.

Anthony Hoang

McKinley High School

"CTL changed my perspective. Many people go about their daily lives not knowing how people are struggling. It makes me think if we didn't do our rental assistance project our senior year, how would those 80 families get the help they needed? We didn't realize how much people needed help, and that was just one pop up tent in Waianae in one day. If that was an ongoing thing across the island that would be hundreds of families getting help they need."

Mahina Amoy

Kamehameha Schools

I grew as a leader, both in skill and character, and gathered a plethora of eye-opening and challenging experiences that have strengthened how I continue to move through life as an individual.

Christine Dong

Punahou School

On top of everything I've learned, I think the thing I am most grateful to CTL for is, hands down, the relationships I've built with my fellow fellows. Although I wish we could have had more bonding sessions, I'm so thankful for the friendships cultivated.