Student Legacy Projects

Over the past few years, Center for Tomorrow's Leaders has hosted over 200 projects to address real needs in schools and communities across the state. CTL believes that students can activate change when they move from idea to impact. We are grateful for the support of CTL community mentors who assist in the project market research and implementation process. Students have several milestones throughout the school year to share their projects with a wider audience at the school and community level.

Below are standout projects from both our Ambassadors & Fellows high school programs throughout the years.

CTL Student Projects

Hosting biweekly workshops and sessions with the incoming freshmen to discuss life in high school and build relationships.

Soliciting donations to stock an on-campus “store” to remove the stigma of financial insecurity by allowing purchases through a point system. The store will be run by special needs students as skills training.

As Chargers, we see a future without the stigmas surrounding mental health. We are hosing a family fun day for families to address the topic of mental health in a comfortable, fun environment.

H20 Innovation seeks to open a dialogue in the DOE about how to reduce water usage in schools across the state.

Equipping at least 50% of Roosevelt High School’s classes with an all-hazards kit. Also aiming for teachers and students to be prepared for natural disasters outside of school.