VIA January, 12, 2019 at McKinley H.S. Auditorium

VIA, or Vision in Action, is an annual CTL event for student-led projects to shine. VIA provides a platform for students to be empowered to make a difference now in Hawaii. Over the past few years, CTL has hosted over 100+ projects as young leaders move from idea to impact. Just as “via” means en route to a destination, CTL believes that students can inspire change when they have vision that’s in action. Below are the Top 16 projects that emerged from the Ambassadors and Fellows Program and presented at VIA on January 20, 2018.   

Interested in learning more about a project or how you can help? Get in touch at ctl@ctlhawaii.org. 



Around The Table | Fellows
Topic: Political Polarization
Students: Evan Gates (Kamehameha), Chelbi Juan (Roosevelt), Dani Sur (Maryknoll), Justin Huang (Roosevelt), Lydia Jun (Iolani), Rovi Porter (Kalani)

We are determined to secure the prosperity of our country and state by ensuring that all opinions are heard and the art of civic discussion is not lost.

Lokahi Project | Fellows
Topic: Hawaii's Kupuna
Students: Michael Voss (Moanalua), Lilia Alameida (St. Andrew’s Priory), Kara Yasutake (Pearl City), Christopher Kai (Campbell), Gabriella Gabor (Damien)

We want to bring Hawaii’s kupuna back into the community by educating them on technology in order to end social isolation.


CTL Sustainability | Fellows
Topic: Sustainability
Students: Olivia Stoetzer (St. Andrew’s Priory), Carlston Chang (Punahou), Elizabeth Best-Lyons (Island Pacific Academy), Claudia Tang (Kaiser), Dorien James Dacoco (Farrington)

Our vision is to promote sustainable and responsible e-waste management in Hawaii, and to educate the community about the negative impacts of mishandling e-waste in the environment.


Mental Wealth | Fellows
Topic: Mental Health
Students: Mauloa Akina (Kamehameha), Yoo Ra Sung (Iolani), Allan Chen (Roosevelt), Rayna Zhou (Roosevelt), Emily Kondo (Iolani)

We aim to host a mental health event at a park in which we raise awareness of the stigma surrounding mental health and try to break down the barriers that society has created. Because art is shown to have a positive impact on stress and other mental health related issues, we plan on bringing in Spoken Word Poets to inspire others on the topic and inviting guests to contribute to a mural that will symbolize our joint dedication to the goal.


Project Lokahi | McKinley
Topic: Hawaii’s Kupuna
Students: Vanessa Khamkay, Hanseong Kim, Mayele Bautista, Jordan Tongpalan, Damien Chang, Victoria Nhieu

The Lokahi Project started four years ago by McKinley students who wanted to fight against loneliness in the elderly population. Our goal is to end loneliness in elders and our vision is to help elders be on the pursuit of happiness by being their source of happiness.


Charged Up | Pearl City
Topic: Inclusion
Students: Michaela Sy, Micalynn Nacnac, Corban Ioka, Lanson Chung, Leisha Duvauchelle

We want to make the gap between our special needs students and their fellow classmates smaller by providing students with a spring bash to celebrate the involvement of special needs students.


808 Recycle | Pearl City
Topic: Environmental
Students: Lee Naea, Kanoelani Quintal , Sydney Santos, Kira Bogacz, Fatima Avalos, Keani Chung, Soraya Santos

Our project aims to increase the amount of recycling on campus by using fun and creative recycling bins, thus creating less trash around school, improving school pride, and benefiting the community.


Athletics Cinema | Roosevelt
Topic: Recognition For All Sports
Students: Shebly Hom, Hunter Bolden, Jade Chan, Jasmine Nakayama

To recognize students of all sports despite their popularity or success through a school documentary, thus encouraging more students to become involved in sports, improve wellness, and strengthen relationships.






Teacher Appreciation 2.0 | Campbell
Topic: Raising Educator Salaries
Students: Joshua Alvarro, Alyssa Avilla, Arynn Dyer, Megan Boggs, Jasmin Aquino

Our project is about raising teacher and educator pay, and overall improving the lives and appreciation for teachers.


The Respecters | Campbell
Topic: Elementary Leadership
Students: Chanesa Chanel, Reid, Julia, Aaron Schrader, Haley Yoshida, Nainoa Nakamura

We intend on visiting different elementary schools in order to educate students in hopes to encourage a positive change, through short films that also relate to school standards.


Lana’i’s Voices | Lana’i High and Intermediate
Topic: Preserving Stories of the Past
Students: Asheya Pagay, Tower Vergara, Makai Inouye, Lehia Koanui, Allyna Teppang

This multi-year project is about restoring Lanai’s graveyard by upkeeping the grounds, cataloging names on a public memorial display, and sharing our heritage’s stories on a student-run website.


Fire Alarm Project | McKinley
Topic: Fire Prevention
Students: Melanie Lau, Yongyu Tang, Kaia LaFave, Jada Almoguera

The Fire Alarm Project was created in response to the devastating Marco Polo fire that occurred on July 14, 2017. Our vision is to prevent another loss. We are working to create a network to connect isolated seniors with volunteers to install smoke alarms in their homes.


Topic: Sustainability
Students: Lawrence Counts, Nathan Solis, Makana Costales, Hayden Bonilla, Pono Smith-Ortiz, Nakoa Barnes

Our project is to show individuals in Hawaii how to grow their own food and sustain the plants they grow to prepare residents in the case Hawaii has a state emergency.


Team Pahoa | Pahoa High and Intermediate
Topic: Improving School Morale
Students: Harvey Tagalicud, Nanea Kaawaloa, Noelle Pelayo, Leanna Nais

As Pahoa unites, our community becomes an ohana. There have been many things that have happened to our community which has damaged school morale (lava flow and hurricane that hit us a few years ago, which separated our school, and being known as the most dangerous school in Hawaii). We believe this potluck will help in restoring unity and morale in our community.


eGALitarians | Sacred Hearts and Kalani
Topic: Social Equality
Students: Aiyana Arnobit (Sacred Hearts), Mina Gusukuma (Kalani), Jenny Brown (Kalani), Katelynn Amoroso (Sacred Hearts), Chloe Onato (Sacred Hearts), Olivia Yoshida (Sacred Hearts)

Feminism can be a scary topic, but we want to dispel negative/false associations with the movement. Our goal is to help our audience better understand the benefits and goals of what feminism means.


#NoFightUnite | Wai’anae
Topic: Anti-Violence
Students: Harvey Tagalicud, Nanea Kaawaloa, Noelle Pelayo, Leanna Nais

Our school is constantly misunderstood. Wai'anae High School's campus has fist fights on the regular, so we want to spread awareness about anti-violence by creating a #NofightUnite campaign and change stereotypes about our school.