The Little Things Matter

Modeling the Way: Globally

June 4, 2014

What defines leadership in this world? Are we deemed to judge who shows character and leadership? Who has this capability to uphold all of these attributes and see to it that they are used effectively and beneficial to this world? Most of the times we live our lives day in and day out never noticing the incredible wonders that happen around us. We naturally just think of ourselves and never bother with those around us because we don’t know who they are. To most people these people around us are just strangers and nothing more. But what if you redefined these people? What if the people standing right next to you may be a future innovator that will create technology that will change the world. What if the person sitting next to you on the bus will cure cancer? What if the woman leaning on the railing at the coffee shop is the future president of the U.S.? We don’t take into perspective of the possibilities around us therefore we don’t take action, so we should not really judge who is deemed worthy or not if we don’t conduct the right actions ourselves. 

Globally, this aspect applies to almost everyone in this world and we see this in countless corners in the world, whether the country is rich or poor. Too many people talk about who is the next big leader who will create the next big thing, but I like to focus more on the majority of the other leaders in this world who each create changes in his/her own way and no one ever notices. This majority of the people we should look up to because they keep the world functioning positively the way it is right now. There will be those who disagree and only see the negatives in this world, but I say why not just look at what we have that are positive and be thankful that there is any spark of light in this world of possible darkness. 

Most people decide with good intentions to make someone’s day by just simply opening the door for people, donating money, helping the poor, helping a friend or stranger in need on the street, or just not turning the other way when someone is in trouble. There are countless actions people can take that make them a leader. His or her actions leads to a chain reaction that is so powerful and amazing that no one really ever takes notice. This chain reaction is the driving force that has kept our world’s leaders in check because they know they have the responsibility and power to make the big changes but it’s these majority of people who give them those rights and privilege. 

Each person can “model the way” as long as they seek good intentions for the actions they perform. This “action” may not be a model at first but eventually what he or she did can further their own pursuit of helping people and lead others into the right direction or this action can cause others to create this chain reaction as well, all in all this is the “model.” A way to show others that there is hope in this world, that there are leaders still out there who are willing to step up to the plate and change the world for the betterment of others. They “model the way” the second they took that step, that action, that conviction to lead others and the world into a more peaceful, engaging, and harmonious state.

--Kirk Wei, CTL Intern

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