We are looking for Hawaii’s future organizational leaders; students who deeply want to make a difference.  Students must be juniors and seniors in high school to apply.  The Center for Tomorrow’s Leaders seeks candidates who exhibit the following qualities:

1. Strong ambition to lead and succeed

    a. Driven and achieves goals

    b. Engaged in school and extra-curricular activities

    c. Demonstrates strong critical thinking skills

2. Eager to take fullest advantage of CTL resources

    a. Teachable

    b. Self-aware and confident without being self-focused

    c. Enthusiastic about growing in the Fellows program


3. Capacity for excellent communication skills

    a. Expresses opinions clearly and logically

    b. Listens and responds with confidence

4. Good character and integrity

    a. Honest and responsible

    b. Respected by peers and adults

5. A sense of calling to serve humanity

    a. Passionate about making a difference

    b. Articulates a sense of calling a desire to serve others