Program Expectations

Click here for CTL Program Expectations.  Due to the intense nature of the program, all students and their parent/guardian are expected to read this prior to applying. 

Student Participation Fee

2014-2015 Student Participation Fee: $795. 

A non-refundable deposit of $295 is due upon acceptance, and two payments of $250 will be due in August and November, respectively.


The CTL strongly encourages students to apply regardless of ability to pay the Student Participation Fee.  The CTL will provide financial assistance to qualified students with need where possible.  However, in partnership with CTL leadership, students will be expected to show diligence, creativity and leadership in funding their experience.  After acceptance into the program, such students will be assigned a coach to develop a personalized funding plan.  The plan will likely include the following 3 options:

The CTL Scholarship Fund is made possible through the generous donation of community partners and CTL alumni.  The fund will be available to qualified students.

The CTL is willing to explore individualized payments plans at the family’s request.  Note that regardless of whether or not a student requests this option, a non-refundable deposit of $295 is due upon acceptance. 

Each Fellow will work with CTL coaches to determine the best course of action.  Possible venues for funding include local community clubs, churches or businesses.  The CTL expect the same level of dedication that a student would show in fundraising for a trip or other extracurricular activity.  In doing so, Fellows will practice valuable leadership and speaking skills, which will serve as valuable preparation for the program itself. 


The CTL Student participation fee is only part of the full cost of the program.  Special thanks to generous community leaders for underwriting portions of the cost. 


The Center for Tomorrow’s Leaders make a significant financial investment in each student.  This investment in each student includes Leadership Academy, graduation ceremony, monthly conferences, day-trips, all related transportation, meals and accommodations, as well as books, manuals, the Student Leadership Challenge on-line computer resources, facilities rental, administrative support, and other costs.  In addition, speakers and leaders personally contribute their time and expenses, waive speaker fees and provide hospitality for the students.  The Center also contributes the value of staff time and labor.