Journalism:  Using the Star Advertiser’s Raise Your Hand Column as a platform, this group will strive to elevate student voice through print media.  The group will also work with local schools to facilitate round-table discussions on local news to boost critical-thinking skills.

Alumni Engagement:  This group will work to bring alumni together for special networking events and career-building exercises, including a job shadow day.

Program Mentorship:  This group will mentor current Ambassadors in their projects.  They will also team teach lessons and support CTL staff in the classroom.

Marketing:  This group will be responsible for CTL's marketing efforts through social media, website and e-news and special events, including creating promotional material.

Civic Engagement:  This group will work with current CTL students and alumni to build greater awareness and engagement in the political process.  This will include, among other things, blogging, lobbying for bills, educating peers and staying up-to-date on current events.

Our Current Interns:


Kenneth Go - Journalism

Kenneth Go is a student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa studying English. He currently serves as the President of the Manoa Debate Union and competition has taken him all across the world, including the Netherlands, Mexico, and Canada. Additionally, he works as a Resident Assistant (RA) on campus. Kenneth was part of the Fellows Class of 2015 as he was the Communications and Finance Director for Fahrenheit 73. As an intern, Kenneth edits the "Raise Your Hand" Column in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser and has been working on the project since its inception. Whenever he's not studying, reading, or interning, you could probably find him trying new things. He's recently learned how to surf and skateboard!



Sophia Ramirez - Alumni Engagement

Sophia Ramirez is currently a freshman at Kapiolani Community College pursuing her Liberal Arts degree in Business Administration. One day she hopes to attain a career in the Hotel/Tourism industry. A graduate from Roosevelt High School in 2017, in her free time Sophia likes to keep up with Kpop, find new "hidden gem" food locations, and hang out with friends at the beach. After college, she hope to travel to either East Asia or Europe. Her favorite quote in life is "There is no such thing as impossible, only the possible." We never know where we will go in life unless we take the first step.



Herman Lau - Marketing

Herman Lau is a freshman at the University of Hawaii at Manoa majoring in Civil Engineering. He graduated from President William McKinley High School in 2017 where he served as the Class Vice President. There he was part of CTL's Ambassadors Program since 2015, working on several Project groups such as the Lokahi Project. As an intern, he assists the CTL staff in creating promotional material such as the CTL website, as well as photograph special events throughout the year.


Nghi Lu - Marketing

Nghi Lu is currently a freshman at the University of Hawaii at Manoa studying Biology. She graduated from President William McKinley High School in May 2017 and aspires to be a dermatologist. During her senior year in high school, she served as the Student Body Vice President and was a part of CTL's Ambassador program, focusing on homeless youth. Excelling in graphic design, she creates artistic promotional material as an intern.



Donavan Albano - Civic Engagement

Donavan Albano is a freshman at the University of Hawaii at Manoa studying Biology. He graduated from President William McKinley High School in 2017 where he served as the Class President. Through CTL, he and his project team members were dedicated to combating homelessness. Hosting the “Housing Hope” Landlord Summit in 2016 and being a founder for Project End the Trend are some of his accomplishments. As an intern, he seeks to foster leadership in students who have gone through the program and inspire them to take it to the next level.



Naomi Franklin - Civic Engagement