Fellows Program Expectations 

Attendance and Participation:

CTL Fellows is a rigorous nine-month program which participants are expected to embrace as their priority extra-curricular experience during the nine-month period. Consequently, participants should plan in advance not to schedule other extra-curricular or church activities during scheduled meeting days and retreats. Leave may be requested, two weeks in advance, to represent Hawaii at a function requiring travel, such as a national speech tournament, but Fellow participants should not miss a total of more than two sessions during their nine month program. 

Fellows Leadership Project:

Fellows will be expected to create and execute a high-level leadership project with their coaches in the spring. This will require additional time outside of monthly meetings.

Public Speaking and Conversation:

In the CTL, you will be required to take part actively in conversations with government and business leaders and frequently give spontaneous speeches in a variety of settings.

Manners and Professional Attire:

To help you succeed in future leadership roles, you will be expected to develop a refined sense of etiquette (i.e., proper manners) suitable for professional, executive and formal settings. For example, you will need to acquire a formal, conservative business suit and, at times, CTL staff may make suggestions as to your manners or clothing.

Exemplary School Leader:

Leaders model the way. As a leader among leaders, it is crucial for Fellows to maintain the highest standing at their high school and in their community. This includes academic excellence and significant community contributions.


Student Participation Fee: $795

Students are expected to pay this participation fee, which is only part of the full cost of the program. The CTL is committed to accepting qualified students regardless of ability to pay. However, in partnership with CTL leadership, students will be expected to show diligence, creativity and leadership in funding their experience.