CTL Fellows Application 2016-2017


  Carefully read CTL Program Expectations
  Complete the online CTL Application
  Provide two completed online recommendation forms. It is the applicant’s responsibility to prompt each person to complete the form.
          1) Teacher or school administrator
          2) Parent or guardian

Before completing this application, please make sure that you have thoroughly reviewed the CTL website, including the schedule of events and program expectations. This application must be submitted no later than May 15, 2016.

Important: In order to determine word count and to avoid losing any work, we recommend that you type your short answers and essay in a word processing document, then paste the text into the appropriate box.

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What is a leader? Do you consider yourself one?
While the CTL may admit students regardless of faith background, the Center's operating frame of values is Judeo-Christian. How open are you to this frame of reference and what, if any, problems does it pose for you?
CTL's mission is to "seek out and empower the most capable emerging young leaders to influence their generation and society for the highest good." To what extent do you desire to influence society? What issue or cause are you most passionate about?